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Romans Girls represent at Nationals!

Proud shout-out to all our Romans Girls heading to Nationals with their AAA / AA teams!

Katie Krebs & Madison Ross-  Northshore Warhawks U19

Margot Bettman & Annabelle Merkel- Team Illinois U19

Rosie Klein- Chicago Mission U16

Tess Buchsbaum, Emma Heinig, Martha Mobarak & Lily Rohlf-  CYA U16

Audrey Dengler-  CYA U14

Francesca Varallo & Margot Mulcahy- Glenview Stars U14

Genna Pan-  Mission U14

Website name change!! is now...!

Please bookmark the new domain name in your browser!

The old domain name will continue to link to our website, but will expire at the end of 2021.  We are ...!

GVN Performance Training

Greetings current and incoming CRHC boys and girls hockey families.   CRHC is pleased to reintroduce a relationship with GVN Performance!   GVN will be offering a la carte drop-in training sessions during the Spring.   Each session will cost $25.00 and spacing is limited due to both capacity and COVID restrictions.   The current registration runs through May 2021.  We will look to extend this during the summer months.  GVN will also become our preferred training partner during the 2021-2022 season.

The program will help improve the time coaches and players have on the ice. In addition, it will improve strength, speed, agility, explosiveness and overall athleticism in order to limit the duration and scope of potential injuries. Players will be given the necessary tools to continue their training into the off-season which is a key component to building a successful program.

Registration link is below:


Thank you to everyone that purchased spirit wear from our online shop. We will keep the link open should you decide to add something to your collection throughout the rest of the season. Orders are typically filled within 2 weeks from purchase and can be sent directly to your homes or picked up directly from our vendor in Lakeview.

And since this was my first season running Spirit Wear,  please share feedback with me on your purchases and suggestions for what to stock next year!

Elyse Klein , Appparel chair. Questions? Contact me at


Thanks for working with CRHC to keep our hockey programming safe for all participants and families.  Our new form can be found under the COVID CORNER tab.  Please fill out this form if you have received a positive Covid-19 test OR if you have/had a direct exposure to a Covid-19 positive person.

Your information will be kept confidential.  We will notify those participants impacted without use of any private health information.

CRHC 2020-21 season updates!

PLEASE READ - Illinois Hockey 2020-21 Season Update

Romans Hockey Club - Incoming Class for 2020-21






Greetings Romans Hockey Families,


We continue to offer our best wishes to you and your hockey players as everyone works through both pandemic and economic issues.  We yearn for the return of hockey and the community celebration which the game offers our families and community. 


First, congratulations to our incoming freshman, transfers, or returning students that have been selected to attend or reconfirmed to attend their chosen high school next year!   The Chicago Romans Hockey Club is proud to support boys and girls hockey players from the following participating schools as determined by AHAI:

Boys Teams –

British International School of Chicago, Francis Parker School, Latin School of  Chicago, Lincoln Park High School, Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, University of Chicago Laboratory School & Whitney Young Magnet High School

Girls Teams –

Jones College Prep, Lane Tech High School, Latin School of Chicago, Lincoln Park High School, St. Ignatius College Prep, & Whitney Young Magnet High School


Second, while hockey has been on hold for the better part of 2 months, we are still preparing for the upcoming 2020-21 season.   To that end, I would like to share with you our new club leadership.


Executive Board:

  • President – Peter de Jong
  • Vice – President – Angela Heinig
  • Rules & Ethics – David Callahan
  • Secretary – Joe Gwinn
  • Treasurer – Ted Glimp

Extended Board Leadership:

  • Girls Program Director – Claire O’Connor
  • Girls Program Director – Courtney O’Connor
  • Fundraising – Ted Weldon III
  • Registrar – Sara Steen
  • Website & Marketing – John Eatinger
  • Social Media – Kirsten Stickney
  • Apparel – Elyse Klein
  • Team Manager & Referee Coordinator – Roland Keske
  • Member at Large – Roberta Horwitz


Third, what will hockey look like for the upcoming 2020-21 season?  As you may know, IL high school hockey is governed by the following organizations and parameters.   USA hockey sets the guidelines, AHAI gives the approvals, and the AHAI high school committee enforces the guidelines and approvals.  For instance, one rule that combined high school hockey teams must follow is that we must have a no cut player policy.  We employ a pay to participate structure as prescribed by the governing rules.  As such, we are preparing to resume hockey as we know it as an official program in August 2020.   However, we have been cautioned that hockey as we know it may encounter necessary on the go changes.  For instance, what if the season starts and is forced to stop due to Federal or State mandates (stay at home orders).   Obviously, these regulations and oversight supersede hockey rinks and/or programs and may require necessary changes to the league and our hockey club.   What will the reentry and restart look like during the various phases of restore Illinois?  Will there be caps on the number of players allowed participate, will fans and families be allowed to watch games etc.?   We intend to share information and direction and offer as much transparency as we are given.  


Fourth, when will registration begin and what will the expected registration costs be for the upcoming season?   Our registration for the 2020-21 will be open in the next couple of weeks.   We have not announced the projected 2020–21 season costs yet.  However, we do expect them to be at least what was published during in the 2019-2020 season.   June is the month where high school combined hockey teams submit their league applications.  Thus, once we review the projected number of players and complete our financial modeling and budgeting, we will communicate the expected 2020-21 costs in July prior to the start of our preseason on-ice sessions and tryouts in August.     We are honored that our hockey business relationship with Johnny’s Ice House and Fifth Third Blackhawks Ice Arena will continue for the upcoming season.   We also would like to thank the many local youth hockey programs which have developed boy and girl hockey players, introduced them to the Chicago Romans Hockey Club as an option to continue playing, and enabled them to participate in high school hockey.


Fifth, we have a couple of opportunities for incoming players to connect with the program prior to the start of the 2020-21 season.   This year we have a unique opportunity to highlight our graduating seniors via a zoom banquet which is going to be held June 17th.   Traditionally, we only have current families attend.  However, given that the format will be via zoom, we thought it would be a great opportunity for incoming families to attend, listen to the seniors on their thoughts about Romans hockey, and learn about their plans for the coming year.   In addition, our parents will offer some ice sessions in July.  In order to participate, players must be registered with USA Hockey. 


In closing, we know that this letter has a lot of information to comprehend during unsettling times.   We thank you for giving it careful consideration.  While we don’t know everything that will happen, we should expect that change is likely.   We can also say that our volunteer board and coaches keep certain things sacred:

  1. The health and safety for our players and hockey community
  2. The opportunity to develop player’s hockey skills at a competitive level
  3. The ability for our players to acquire life-long friends and memories
  4. Last, an appreciation for our student athletes to achieve on and off the ice

Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Romans Hockey Club.  

All the best to you!


Chicago Romans Executive Board


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